FFT – Clear

FFT’s debut album on Numbers, ‘Clear’ is out on 24th June 2022. The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Disturb Roqe’ and the result of three years of focused writing and programming by the London-based producer, ‘Clear’ is deeply psychedelic, defined by a mature sense of melody and structures crafted at a monumental scale.


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→ Watch the video for ‘Redeemer’ by Sensory Works


The limited edition vinyl is screenprinted by Numbers’ neighbour Matthew Rich of M.A.R.S, who cut his teeth in Manchester in the ’70s making posters for Factory, the Haçienda, The Fall and more, and includes an art print insert with original photography captured by George Cowan in 2020, designed by Sensory Works.

Though FFT has previously released a handful of tracks under various names, it wasn’t until 2017’s ‘FFT1’ EP on the Uncertainty Principle label that his production talents began to fuse into a distinct and personal style, especially evident in FFT’s ‘Regional/Loss’ EP on The Trilogy Tapes in 2019, multiple releases on Bruk Records and 2021’s ‘Disturb Roqe’. Through it all, FFT has mastered a complex sense of mood catalyzed by sound itself: He builds patches and presets from scratch, and feels these synths and software have their own objectives and reactions, creating a kind of compositional feedback loop. The result is an album that brings to mind a collision of electronic pioneers like Delia Derbyshire and Bernard Parmegiani, 2000’s braindance, the Max-imized wares of an OPN or Objekt and the rough rhythmatics of SND or Mika Vainio.

The layering of sonic elements and intentions is starkly audible across these nine tracks. They can be seismically concussive and grandiose, but granular and fluid – echoing the Icelandic volcanic eruption that features in the artwork photography by George Cowan. The overall impact of ‘Clear’ is cinematic and precise, marking the arrival of an impressive electronic musician who is not new but has come into his own as a fully developed artist.

The London-based composer and producer Josh Thompson, who performs and produces under the name FFT, has been releasing music and finessing his skills as a producer since 2012. His output over the course of a decade has been dispersed across a number of European labels and transmitted under a series of obscurant aliases, all composed and created while Thompson led a nomadic life between houses and cities, occupations and attractions. Taken together, his body of work demonstrates an impressive, evolving artistry, exploring harmonic and textural sounds unified by a powerful devotion to computer-based production.

FFT — Clear
LP • Out Now
Numbers 2022 • NMBRS68

1. Clear (Eight-Circuit Mix)
2. Redeemer
3. 3 Sided
4. Disturb Roqe 2
5. Clear
6. You’ve Changed
7. Heal
8. Heal (Alt Mix)
9. Ashley Hill

Written, produced and mixed by FFT
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta
Design and ‘Redeemer’ Video by Sensory Works
Artwork Photography and Videos by George Cowan




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Photo by Beth Sheldrick



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24.06.22 — 12:00 by Numbers

Akiko Haruna – ‘Yakusoku’

“Over the last few years Akiko Haruna has emerged as a unique talent, shaping a background in experimental choreography and audiovisual art into a holistic practice within which production, composition, vocal performance and movement run into and inform each other… Skewing towards exploratory club pop, the project sees Haruna chasing the electronic eroticism suggested at in their previous projects, placing frenetic dance floor experiments side-by-side vocal tracks in the lineage of SOPHIE and PC Music. The most evocative – and most singular – of these is ‘Yakusoku,’ in which Haruna’s sensual vocals drift through the murky thrum and cold fizz of their production, lending a melancholy, erotic charge to an intricate volley of percussive throb and pulsing bass alchemy.” – FACT Magazine

‘Yakusoku’ appears on Be Little Me, the debut EP by Akiko Haruna on Numbers. The video is directed by Jade Ang Jackman of Babes with Blades, edited by Georgie Daley and produced by Emilie Bruyere, with styling and creative supervision by An Nguyen, make-up by David Gillers, costume design by Tara Hakin, and additional styling and jewellery by Guia Bertorello. Commissioned by Ashley Mak. Poster by Théo Marielle


→ Watch ‘Yakusoku’ on FACT


→ Visit akikoharuna.com


Director Jade Ang Jackman on ‘Yakusoku’

“As a director, I love working with movement and creative practitioners who want to extend their storytelling further via their own bodies. As a trained experimental dancer, producer and singer, Akiko becomes the embodiment of her unique sound and style. For us, at Babes with Blades, that is part of what our studio is about and it was brilliant to collaborate with an artist who takes ownership of various modes of her own expression and her British Asian heritage”.

Complete Credits

Director – Jade Ang Jackman / Studio – Babes with Blades / Director of Photography – Thomas English / Gaffer – Will Stuetz / Focus Puller – Sarah Tehranian / Lighting Assistant – Elise Dadourian / Producer – Emilie Bruyere / Production Assistant – Moyinoluwa Saka / Production Studio – Eden Creative / Editor – Georgie Daley / Colourist – Thierry Phung / Additional Production – Drew O’Neill / Additional Director of Photography – Laura Seward / Runner – Mbalu Kamara / Styling & Creative Supervision – An Nguyen / Make-Up – David Gillers / Costume Design – Tara Hakin / Styling & Jewellery – Guia Bertorello / BTS Photography – KT Allen / Video Commissioned – Ashley Mak

Follow Akiko – Instagram / Bandcamp


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17.05.22 — 16:52 by Numbers

FFT – Disturb Roqe

The Bristol-based composer and producer FFT has signed to Numbers for Disturb Roqe and an album to follow in 2022. Disturb Roqe is out on Friday 3rd December 2021.


→ Listen to Disturb Roqe



→ Visit fft.quest


The 12″ comes in an antistatic sleeve with an A4 risograph hand-printed at RISOTTO Studio in Glasgow

Video by Sensory Works

Disturb Roqe presents three meticulous, spacious tracks that channel bass-heavy tendencies, with whirring details that showcase masterly sound design in a controlled yet aggressive delivery.

Josh Thompson has released music dispersed across a number of labels, including The Trilogy Tapes, Low End Activist’s Bruk Records, his own Super Hexagon imprint and more. Transmitting under a series of obscurant aliases, he composed and created while leading a nomadic life between houses, cities, occupations and attractions.

His body of work demonstrates an impressive, evolving artistry, exploring harmonic and textural sounds underlined by a powerful devotion to computer-based production. It’s a focus captured by his artist name FFT, short for Fast Fourier Transform, a process by which signals can be converted from temporal or spatial to frequency domains, or in the other direction.

FFT — Disturb Roqe
EP • Out Now
Numbers 2021 • NMBRS65

1. Disturb Roqe 2
2. Disturb Roqe 4
3. Disturb Roqe 5

Written, produced and mixed by FFT
Mastered by Ten Eight Seven




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 Artwork Credits
Photography by George Cowan / Design by Sensory Works

Additional Photo Credits
Photography by Beth Sheldrick


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16.11.21 — 13:54 by Numbers

Akiko Haruna – Be Little Me

‘Be Little Me,’ the debut EP by Akiko Haruna on Numbers, is out on Friday 19th November 2021.


→ Listen to ‘Be Little Me’


→ Visit akikoharuna.com


“When I’m writing tunes it’s always just some kind of release”, says Akiko, and the production is similarly exploratory. She manipulates sound and rhythm into vigorous, personal and playful forms, pushing at the boundaries of raucous 4/4 dance pop, abstract soundscapes and noise art with humour, euphoria and poise.

Akiko Haruna — Be Little Me
EP • Out Now
Numbers 2021 • NMBRS60

1. Raw
2. Athena
3. Hotspot
4. Big Boys
5. Yakusoku
6. Be Little Me

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Akiko Haruna
Mastered by Joker in Bristol, UK




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Follow Akiko – Instagram / Bandcamp

Artwork Credits
Creative Direction and Photography by An Nguyen
Technical Direction by Liam McCarthy
Styling by Guia Bertorello & An Nguyen
Retouching by Oscar Cheung

Additional Image Credits
Photography by KT Allen
Sculpture and Set by Emily Bond
Styling and Creative Direction by An Nguyen


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21.10.21 — 9:59 by Numbers


‘UNISIL’ is out today on the flip of the BIPP remix by Autechre.

UNISIL was created by SOPHIE during the recordings for PRODUCT but until now never given a full release.  It was sent out as a digital bonus to the lucky people who managed to buy the Limited Edition Silicon Product version of the record.

The track title is a reference to the silicone production and curing process, and the hard, fast, and synthetic sound, not far from the sounds heard on the 2005 Autechre Live Show recording mentioned when the Autechre Mix of BIPP was announced.  So that cycle of influences completes.

And continues…

Listen to UNISIL

Vinyl Out Now


Bandcamp / RubadubBoomkatBleep / Rough Trade



SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx) / UNISIL
Out now (28th January 2021)
Listen / order vinyl

A. SOPHIE — BIPP (Autechre Mx)

NMBRS67 © Numbers 2021

28.01.21 — 9:00 by Numbers

FFT – Clear

60 Akiko Haruna

Akiko Haruna – ‘Yakusoku’

FFT – Disturb Roqe

Akiko Haruna – Be Little Me


SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx)

Mosca – Bax / Done Me Wrong Repress

Akiko Haruna – Raw

Perko – The City Rings

Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn


Shapednoise – Aesthesis

Complete Walkthru – Scrolls

Perko – NV Auto

North Sea Dialect – Local Guide

Lory D – Strange Days

Introducing The Numbers Bandcamp Store

Passarani – Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1

Dukwa – Shattered In A Thousand Pieces

Peder Mannerfelt – EQUALITY NOW

Bryan Kessler – 10,000 Suns

Members of The House – Summer Nites (Kornél Kovács Remix)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 4

Adesse Versions – That’s What Friends Are For


SOPHIE – PRODUCT Special Editions

Denis Sulta – It’s Only Real


Sparky – Signals / Tigress (NMBRS43)




New T-Shirts – Order Now

Kornél Kovács – Radio Koko (NMBRS40)

Adesse Versions – Pride (NMBRS36)

Deeon Doez Deeon! (NMBRS24)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol. 3 (NMBRS38) – Out Now

Unspecified Enemies – Everything You Did Has Already Been Done

Deejay Deer – Natur

Redinho – Debut Album out now



Sparky – Portland (Tuff City Kids Remixes) (NMBRS27TCK)

Doc Daneeka – Treptow / Paname (NMBRS39)

Darq E Freaker – Minger (NMBRS35)

Deadboy – Return (NMBRS33)

Sparky – Portland (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) (NMBRS27)

Doc Daneeka – Walk On In (NMBRS31)

Redinho – Searching



Rustie – Slasherr / Triadzz (NMBRS30)


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Unspecified Enemies – Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (NMBRS22)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 2 (NMBRS23)

Kodiak – Spreo Superbus w/ Actress & Girl Unit Remixes (Out Now)

NMBRS19x21 = Redinho x Sibian & Faun – Split Limited Vinyl, One Track Each Side

Sibian & Faun – I’m Sorry (Out Now)

Randomer – Real Talk (Out Now)

GoldFFinch – Red Mask (Out Now on Numbers)

Mosca – Done Me Wrong / Bax (Out Now)

Jamie xx – Far Nearer/Beat For

Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) – Featuring Seiji’s Bassrub

Redinho – Edge Off EP (NMBRS14) Out Now

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 1 (NMBRS13)

Deadboy – HERE (NMBRS15)

Ill Blu – Meltdown EP

SLACKK – Theme from Slackk

Taz – Gold Tooth Grin (OUT NOW)