I'm Sorry

Sibian + Faun

Sibian & Faun

‘I’m Sorry’ – not the easiest words to say but Siban & Faun do it convincingly with their debut release for Numbers. The Montreal-based duo produce atmospheric dance music with a lurking r&b influence. ‘I’m Sorry’ takes us back to classic Timbaland productions for Missy Elliot et al, with Siban & Faun marrying the innovation and intimacy of those records with a keen production sense that’s firmly rooted in the future.

Sibian & Faun - I'm Sorry

“In terms of our production ‘I’m Sorry’ marks a turning point. After a summer of making really positive music, winter came and sort of switched things up on us. At the time it was this really dark and intimate track; no synth, no crunchy bass. But we kept coming back to it and it grew.”

— Sibian & Faun

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Sibian & Faun – I’m Sorry
NMBRS19 – limited vinyl & download
Released 5th December 2011

05.12.11 — 16:12 by Goodhand