Lory D

Lory D - 2011 Sofa - photo credit Paola Panicola

Lory D is a name you will find missing from the list of celebrated dark techno producers, e.g. Jeff Mills, The Mover, Lenny Dee and the Aphex Twin although his music, is as essential. He’s an ex Italian D.M.C champion who has been playing since 1989 and owns the seminal Roman techno label Sounds Never Seen. He was one of the first people to bring the Acid House and Hardcore sounds of London to Rome, where he is regarded as something of a god. His inspiration comes from Rome’s nighttime metropolis, the darkness and beauty of the city and the overwhelming feeling of the underground raves he plays. His musical influences are as wide ranging as Aphex Twin, Suicide, Drexciya, Spk, Ligeti, Frankie Bones, The Mover and Underground Resistance. Sounds Never Seenhas released a clutch of twisted metal soundtracks in recent years… never more than 500 copies pressed and all fanatically collected by likeminded freaks. All the records are most effective floor fillers, all are ‘sounds never seen’. Together with Rephlex label-mates, Leo Anibaldi, Bochum Welt and the D’Arcangelo brothers, Lory D best represents the sound of Italy, or even the ‘sound of Rome’, since 1991. Lory’s music is fearless, original and strong Electro and Techno.

Lory D - Strange Days Vol 2 (NMBRS23)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 2 (NMBRS23)

A1. B-L-132 Acid
B1. Acid Attak
B2. Ostia Girl

Released June 25th 2012 On LTD 12″ ONLY. Pre-order Vinyl at Rubadub

This is music best heard loud, in a smoke filled dark room, with your eyes blinded by an endless strobe. Limited pressing, vinyl only.

Strange Days Vol.2 is the second chapter in a series of apocalyptic acid records from the Italian maestro on Numbers. Having released music for 21 years, Lory is one of the seldom few producers who has continuously pushed forward and broken new ground with his sound.

His combination of ultra modern studio techniques and age-old mastery of analogue machines can be heard across this limited twelve – with ‘B-L-132 Acid’ and ‘Acid Attak’ pushing the dynamic of Acid House & Techno to intense new levels.

Lory will be touring throughout 2012. Please contact [email protected] for bookings

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 2 on Soundcloud

Lory D on Italian TV, 1992.

21.05.11 — 0:00 by Goodhand

Lory D – Strange Days

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 4

Numbers in Barcelona, June 2015

Tue 10 Mar 2015: Numbers x Boiler Room – Sub Club

Lory D – Strange Days Vol. 3 (NMBRS38) – Out Now

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 2 (NMBRS23)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 1 (NMBRS13)

Fri 1 Apr 2011: Numbers present SHED & LORY D

Fri 11 Feb 2011: Numbers present LORY D w/ Blawan & Goodhand @ Plastic People, London

Lory D – 8 Gate

Lory D – Ghill / Bobby Remix

Fri 4 Jan 2008: Lory D & Automat @ Sub Club, Glasgow (with Monox)

Lory D / Alex Cortex LTD 7″