On 24th June 2022 Numbers will release ‘Clear,’ FFT’s debut album. The follow-up to 2021’s ‘Disturb Roqe’ and the result of three years of focused writing and programming by the London-based producer, ‘Clear’ is deeply psychedelic, defined by a mature sense of melody and structures crafted at a monumental scale. Listen to and watch the video for ‘Redeemer’ now.

Video by Sensory Works


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The London-based composer and producer Josh Thompson, who performs and produces under the name FFT, has been releasing music and finessing his skills as a producer since 2012. His output over the course of a decade has been dispersed across a number of European labels and transmitted under a series of obscurant aliases, all composed and created while Thompson led a nomadic life between houses and cities, occupations and attractions. Taken together, his body of work demonstrates an impressive, evolving artistry, exploring harmonic and textural sounds unified by a powerful devotion to computer-based production.

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16.05.22 — 17:01 by Numbers

FFT – Clear

FFT – Bleep Mix #235

FFT – Disturb Roqe