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Numbers on the Fabric Blog
The Stuff Records, Wireblock and Dress 2 Sweat imprints all impacted on us in their own way over the course of the last couple of years; with each of them carving their own unique niche within our collective record collections and the electronic music scene in general. Stuff bore the likes of Rustie (helming his breakthrough ‘Jagz The Smack’ EP), TVO, Offshore and Slugabed. Wireblock gave voice to Lory D, Ghosts on Tape and Emvee, alongside releases from Rustie and Hudson Mohawke’s classic ‘Oops EP’ whilst Dress 2 Sweat helmed projects from Starkey as Moves!!!, Piddy Pi, Rod Lee, Kazey & Bulldog as well as 12”s from Dj Deeon and L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok.

With each label’s own distinct flavor and their close geographical proximity – all 3 labels are run by friends out of Glasgow, Scotland – 2010 will see the trio unite under the singular label banner of Numbers – the name of the Glasgow based club night all parties help run. Stepping out of their comfort zone, the crew have recently begun holding bashes elsewhere, most memorably in Barcelona this summer just past at this year’s Off Sonar and in London at Plastic People for Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Polyfolk Dance’ EP launch and for their new roster showcase last month.

On January 8th the Numbers family take over Room One with live performances from their label staples Hud Mo and Rustie, DJ support from Deadboy, Jackmaster and the Numbers DJs alongside the headliner to end all headliners, Todd ‘The God’ Edwards. Ahead of the event we caught up with three of the parties responsible for the Numbers arc, Richard Chater (formerly Stuff), Calum Morton (formerly Wireblock) and Jackmaster (formerly Dress 2 Sweat) to get the scoop on the need for a change and their plans for the label.

So… what made you guys want to start a record label in the first place?
Jackmaster: It’s always been a dream for all of us I think, starting a label. I’ve always naturally wanted to be as close to the source and involved as possible, and the obvious way to make that happen was to start our own label. Nothing else really interested me when I was younger except for music and the only guy who was really on the same page as me on this was Calum. We used to talk about taking that step when we were like 14 or 15, and at somepoint Neil got involved (probably once he realised calum and I had grown out of dodgy Subliminal records) and that was Wireblock. Calum was always moaning that having 3 labels in one group of pals was stupid and we should focus our energy more. The result was Numbers.

Richard Chater: Liking music too much and being surrounded by people making amazing tracks…

And in turn what made you guys want to bring all the labels in house? Was it a case of too much competition on your own doorstep…
Calum Morton: I guess part of it was that – we all like a lot of the same music so it was becoming a bit tricky at times. The main angle of it – which was more important – was that I think we eventually started seeing the light of how much more we can do if we club together and run in the same direction.

It’s also much simpler for people to grasp what we’re about, and in time we can get more out of using our club experience over the last 7+ years to tie into the label.

We’ve had quite a long history of doing stuff under different names, but I think we all got a bit fed up with explaining to people what was going on and we realised that people don’t care about who runs what – we’re better all wearing the same colour.

Do you think there is something intrinsically Scottish about your operation? Do you think you guys a closer knit because of the closeness of your contemporaries?
RC: I’d say we’re more intrinsically Glasgow than Scottish. We’ve got a certain a sense of humour and a way of looking at things that is probably a result of having grown up or lived in Glasgow. It’s a smaller city and club’s finish at 2 or 3am so that means there is a lot of hanging out at flat parties and that’s where you begin to properly meet, have a laugh and bond with people.

It’s also down to friendships, we’re close knit because we’re mates who enjoy working with each other and share the same goals and ideas about music.

What’s forthcoming, music wise?
RC: First off we’re going to release Deadboy’s ‘If U Want Me’ as a limited one sided twelve with a laser etching on the b-side. Then it’s the Lazer Sword EP featuring a side each by Lando Kal and Low Limit and swiftly after that it’s the debut EP from Redinho.

J: A little bit further off is the debut by Joy Orbison’s mate Kavsrave, a double EP by Taz Buckfaster, some funky stylings by Mr Majika and a DJ Pierre re-release with a remix from Seiji.

And the parties…what’s next?
J: We’ve got some amazing line ups in the works for 2010 and hopefully some more collabo’s with fabric but for now we need to be tight lipped!

Words: Smash Gordon

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