Perko – NV Auto

Originally hailing from Scotland, now based in Copenhagen, Numbers present 23-year old producer and deejay Perko with his debut release NV Auto.

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The seven tracks on this EP hear Perko mining the grooves between his favourite genres for building blocks of inspiration. Drawing from UK soundsystem culture and modern experimental music, half of the record explores deeper atmospheric passages and meditative repetition, characterised by layers of subtly shifting chords, field recordings and delicate polyrhythms.

Three dancefloor cuts, spread throughout the rest of the record, retain this detail and interplay with added energy. Perko’s sense of rhythm & space is clear with Rounded’s glacial synths, blown out drum machines and sculpted sub sine waves. What Otters forges playful UKG touches within a paperclip framework of space-echoes and sparks, whilst Songbirds flips into 4/4 drive with percolated alarms and shimmering pads.

“Density, Noise, Dust, Distortion, Space…” says Perko, if you want it simple.

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NV Auto is released in full on 30th November 2018.

1. Sky Host
2. Rounded
3. What Otters
4. Grace
5. Songbirds
6. Polly
7. Water Memory (digital)

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