Akiko Haruna – Raw

‘Raw’ is Akiko’s debut single on Numbers, released on 17th November 2020, with a full EP to follow in early 2021. Written, recorded, produced & mixed by Akiko Haruna in Brighton, UK.

→ Listen to Raw now

Fluent in the rules of music, dance and mixed-media composition, Akiko Haruna is able to bend and break disciplines with her productions. Her playground of sonic talents include being a skilled pianist, vocalist, sound designer and previously trained violinist and flautist. A graduate of Digital Music & Sound Arts, her practice involves a combination of dance and movement with sonic constructions.

Akiko Haruna — Raw
Single • Out Now
Numbers 2020 • NMBRS60

Mastered by Joker in Bristol, UK

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Creative Direction and Photography by An Nguyen
Technical Direction by Liam McCarthy
Styling by Guia Bertorello & An Nguyen
Retouching by Oscar Cheung

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17.11.20 — 11:32 by Numbers

Perko – The City Rings

Taking inspiration from the open spaces, noise, and density of his adopted city Copenhagen, Perko follows up the acclaimed ‘NV Auto’ EP with new music that yields maximum impact via minimalist principles. The City Rings is out everywhere now on digital & vinyl.

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Across the record’s eight tracks, rhythms are reduced to their most essential components. There is no wastage, just pure precision and skeletal funk juxtaposed with microscopic melodies. Embedded across the entirety of the release are the sounds of the city. Listen carefully and you’ll hear recordings of his friends and their local neighbourhoods, with the city becoming a bed of sound.

Listen to Stutter the first track from the new EP.

In Perko’s world, introspective and breakneck electronic music share the same space, mirroring the complexities of the city around him.

Perko — The City Rings
Vinyl & Digital • NMBRS64 • Out Now

1. Intro
2. Stutter – out now
3. Grounds ft. Lia T
4. Luna
5. The Reason
6. Pippin (Version)
7. Pippin
8. Outro

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17.01.20 — 15:06 by Numbers

Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn

‘Corra Linn’ the new record from Lanark Artefax is out everywhere today on Numbers.

It is the Scottish producer’s first solo output since his breakout record ‘Touch Absence’ in 2017. The three-track EP arrives after last year’s remix of Björk and an extensive period touring his internationally acclaimed live A/V show.

NMBRS63 Limited Vinyl & Digital out now

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Recorded sometime in the last year and a half, the three tracks across ‘Corra Linn’ materialise like a cascading data flow; combining lazer sharp digital synths and hyperspatial sound design with scaled up, spine-tingling choral melodies, time-refracted field recordings and ethereal childlike vocal arrangements.

The EP’s title track, ‘Corra Linn’, takes its name from a waterfall in the Lanark area of Scotland, the water of which flows into one of the oldest hydro-electric power stations in the UK. The artwork accompanying the EP is a photomicrographic image of Lanarkite; a rare and precious mineral form. Almost all significant occurrences of Lanarkite were discovered deep within the Leadhills in South Lanarkshire, but it is said that an unknown, but large, quantity of it was once unearthed at the base of Corra Linn waterfall.

Bandcamp sales of the limited edition 12” include a donation to the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Visit the Lanark Artefax web portal l-a-n-a-r-k.net to explore the digital archive accompanying the release.

Lanark Artefax – Corra Linn
24th October 2019
NMBRS63 – 12″ Vinyl & Digital
NMBRS63X – Limited Clear 12″ Vinyl

1. Corra Linn (5:08)
2. Moo Orphaned Drift (4:44)
3. Ferthenheap (3:01)

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Artist photo by Sean Bell

24.10.19 — 16:16 by Numbers


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25.09.19 — 17:14 by Numbers

Shapednoise – Aesthesis

The new album ‘Aesthesis’ from Shapednoise aka Sicilian artist Nino Pedone is out on Numbers.

Over the nine tracks and thirty seven minutes, there’s a controlled collision of noise and metal with rave and hardcore. Pedone’s penchant for the peak energies of gritty techno and modern rap/trap bleed through, with earth-shattering blocks of bass and beats conveyed within his practice of sonic sculpture. ‘Aesthesis’ melts these sounds down, evolving them into something new of his own – a complex, hybrid being designed to be played loud.

The first listen, CRx Aureal, is one of the most arresting cuts from the record: a nightmarish thrill embracing a sense of constant movement, with intense shards of sound ricocheting and morphing, forged together through a series of metallic refrains. This flirtation with the extremes of sound has engulfed Shapednoise’s entire creative output and lifestyle – from his albums and EPs over the last decade, to his two labels Cosmo Rhythmatic and REPITCH, having recently dropped critically acclaimed releases by King Midas Sound, Shackleton & VTSS.

Listen & Buy ‘Aesthesis’ now —
Bandcamp / Boomkat / Bleep / Spotify / Apple Music

Pedone describes ‘Aesthesis’ as “informed by a set of key elements that intwine all the tracks together, like steps in a long research process. It is intended as a sensory experience where the senses act as an interface, sound as space.”  His experimentation with unorthodox rhythmic structures and radical cinematic design reveals actions grounded in direct experience, but “inspired by a kind of speculative realism”. In seeking to master the wild heights of noise and the weight of subsonic frequencies, Shapednoise aims to “generate a sense of unreal-yet-tangible space and time, where the physicality of the music builds up a place that exists between people and objects, rather than the other way around.”

A series of artistic collaborations are heard throughout the album – from the caustic R&B of album opener ‘Intriguing (In The End)’ which features vocals from multimedia artist E. Jane’s alter ego MHYSA (of NON & Halcyon Veil), to Justin K Broadrick (founding member of Godflesh and ZONAL) on ‘Blaze’, and album closer ‘Moby Dick’; a collaboration with Scottish legend Drew McDowall (ex-Coil and Psychic TV member), and Rabit (founder of Halcyon Veil).

A live version of ‘Aesthesis’ debuted in the main hall of Kraftwerk at Berlin Atonal 2019 on Thursday 29th August, with Shapednoise joined by filmmaker Pedro Maia – who also produced this short video – turning the sounds into a full spectrum AV show.

Shapednoise – Aesthesis
8th November 2019
NMBRS62 – LP & Digital

1. Intriguing (In The End) feat. Mhysa
2. Blaze feat. Justin K Broadrick
3. Elevation
4. Rayleigh Scattering
5. The Foolishness of Human Endeavour
6. CRx Aureal watch short video
7. Blasting Super Melt
8. Unflinching
9. Moby Dick feat. Drew McDowall and Rabit

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Photography by Leonardo Scotti

28.08.19 — 10:20 by Spencer

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