Perko – NV Auto

Originally hailing from Scotland, now based in Copenhagen, Numbers present 23-year old producer and deejay Perko with his debut release NV Auto.

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The seven tracks on this EP hear Perko mining the grooves between his favourite genres for building blocks of inspiration. Drawing from UK soundsystem culture and modern experimental music, half of the record explores deeper atmospheric passages and meditative repetition, characterised by layers of subtly shifting chords, field recordings and delicate polyrhythms.

Three dancefloor cuts, spread throughout the rest of the record, retain this detail and interplay with added energy. Perko’s sense of rhythm & space is clear with Rounded’s glacial synths, blown out drum machines and sculpted sub sine waves. What Otters forges playful UKG touches within a paperclip framework of space-echoes and sparks, whilst Songbirds flips into 4/4 drive with percolated alarms and shimmering pads.

“Density, Noise, Dust, Distortion, Space…” says Perko, if you want it simple.

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NV Auto is released in full on 30th November 2018.

1. Sky Host
2. Rounded
3. What Otters
4. Grace
5. Songbirds
6. Polly
7. Water Memory (digital)

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16.11.18 — 12:04 by Numbers

North Sea Dialect – Local Guide

The debut release from new Scottish producer North Sea Dialect, Local Guide is a dense musical world made of uneasy ambience, shimmering distortion, subdued rhythm and propulsive melody.

You can watch 3 short videos on YouTube now.

Buried in its soundscapes are the echoes and surrealness of alienated life – expectant youth, distant voices and broken folklore. It’s industrialised music tied together with found sound, adrenaline fuelled synthesis and the depths of late night solitude. Conceived during a move from Glasgow across Scotland and composed in isolation, a blistering sense of reality creeps through the recordings.

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Release date: 9th November 2018
LP & Digital – NMBRS57

1. Rodent Tribe
2. October Horse
3. Dog Violet
4. Mossy Cyphol
5. Subarctic Baltasound
6. Sloven Voe
7. Gloup
8. Rusk Holm
9. Eilean Glas
10. Salt

Local Guide is accompanied by three videos for the tracks Mossy Cyphol, Subarctic Baltasound and Gloup. The short films are haunted and illuminated by the serenity of rural freedom, the power of the sea, and the collapse of industry. Watch below or on YouTube.

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20.09.18 — 19:14 by Numbers

Lory D – Strange Days

Released 23rd June 2017
Digital w/ 12″ vinyl bundles

Lory D – Strange Days

˙˙˙ɹǝʌo ǝɹɐ sʎɐp ǝƃuɐɹʇS ǝɥ┴

Lory D’s Strange Days come to an end with the release of the volume 5 vinyl 12″ and a 19 track digital compilation of the full series, featuring volumes 1-5 plus additional bonus material from Lory’s releases on one of Numbers’ precursor labels, Wireblock.

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Digital tracklist:
1. Acidronix
2. Acid Prastix
3. B-L 132 Acid
4. Acidattak
5. Ostia Girl
6. grn-GHF
7. Acidspix
8. Bass Bam
9. Game Of Three Synth
10. Sq11
11. Deep Acoustic
12. Acid-CLX22
13. Suoneria
14. mg-comp-strngd
15. Ghill
16. Bobby Remix
17. Acix9999
18. Mixalo
19. Remixalo

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Lory D Strange Days Compilation Album Artwork

Design by a visual agency.

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15.05.17 — 11:20 by Numbers

Passarani – Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1

Released 28th March 2017
12″ Vinyl & Digital

Passarani – Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1

We welcome a tireless innovator, constant collaborator, studio mentor, inspirational deejay and close friend to Numbers – Marco Passarani.

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1. Wonky Wonky Wonky
2. Quarto
3. Tribalonios

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Passarani Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1 Artwork

10.05.17 — 11:50 by Numbers

Perko – NV Auto

North Sea Dialect – Local Guide

Lory D – Strange Days

Introducing The Numbers Bandcamp Store

Passarani – Analog Fingerprints Vol. 1

Dukwa – Shattered In A Thousand Pieces

Peder Mannerfelt – EQUALITY NOW

Bryan Kessler – 10,000 Suns

Members of The House – Summer Nites (Kornél Kovács Remix)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 4

Adesse Versions – That’s What Friends Are For

Denis Sulta – It’s Only Real

Sparky – Signals / Tigress (NMBRS43)




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Kornél Kovács – Radio Koko (NMBRS40)

Adesse Versions – Pride (NMBRS36)

Deeon Doez Deeon! (NMBRS24)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol. 3 (NMBRS38) – Out Now

Unspecified Enemies – Everything You Did Has Already Been Done

Deejay Deer – Natur

Redinho – Debut Album out now


Sparky – Portland (Tuff City Kids Remixes) (NMBRS27TCK)

Doc Daneeka – Treptow / Paname (NMBRS39)

Darq E Freaker – Minger (NMBRS35)

Deadboy – Return (NMBRS33)

Sparky – Portland (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) (NMBRS27)

Doc Daneeka – Walk On In (NMBRS31)

Redinho – Searching


Rustie – Slasherr / Triadzz (NMBRS30)


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Unspecified Enemies – Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (NMBRS22)

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 2 (NMBRS23)

Kodiak – Spreo Superbus w/ Actress & Girl Unit Remixes (Out Now)

NMBRS19x21 = Redinho x Sibian & Faun – Split Limited Vinyl, One Track Each Side

Sibian & Faun – I’m Sorry (Out Now)

Randomer – Real Talk (Out Now)

GoldFFinch – Red Mask (Out Now on Numbers)

Mosca – Done Me Wrong / Bax (Out Now)

Jamie xx – Far Nearer/Beat For

Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Mystery Girl (Set Me Free) – Featuring Seiji’s Bassrub

Redinho – Edge Off EP (NMBRS14) Out Now

Lory D – Strange Days Vol 1 (NMBRS13)

Deadboy – HERE (NMBRS15)

Ill Blu – Meltdown EP

SLACKK – Theme from Slackk

Taz – Gold Tooth Grin (OUT NOW)

Jessie Ware & SBTRKT – Nervous (OUT NOW)

Roska & Untold – Myth

Redinho – Bare Blips EP

Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstrix EP

SRC – Gold Coinz EP

Kavsrave – Quotes EP

Deadboy – If U Want Me

Lazer Sword present LL vs LK – The Golden Handshake EP

Rustie – Bad Science EP

Offshore – Offshore EP

Ghosts on Tape – Predator Mode w/ Roska Remix

TVO – Rooks EP

Bok Bok & L-Vis 90 – Night Slugs EP

Emvee – Glitch Dub / Nocturnal

Slugabed – Superfreak

Various Artists – Wireblock 002

Neil Landstrumm – Empire On A Fiver EP

Rod Lee – Let the Horns Go EP